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A dear sister in Christ encouraged me to share some things regarding my son, Jayd; our journey through the ups and downs of his two and a half years with cancer; our belief he would be healed, and ultimately our letting him go to be with The Lord.

One thing that took place…

Many people brought food and love and prayers over to the house the last couple of weeks Jayd was still with us. Some of those people came back to Jayd and Jacee’s room to join us in worship.

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We had some very powerful worship times in their room. We would begin to sing and lift up our hands, hearts, and voices to The Lord. Before you knew it, the Spirit had filled the room and we were praying in The Spirit. Tears flowed down our faces, not over Jayd’s condition but simply from the Holy presence of God being so thick.

Another thing that took place…

The last couple of nights Jayd was still with us we prayed in shifts. Jacee’s Mom took 10pm to 12am. My wife’s Aunt and Mom took 12am to 2am. My wife and I took 2am to 4am. Another couple (a wonderful couple that drove 14 hours all the way from Fredericksburg, Texas simply because God told them to) took 4am to 6am.

One thing I’d like to say about this prayer vigil; on the Monday night/Tuesday morning, two days before Jayd left, Missy and I went into the small room where we were praying. There was a heaviness in the air. We could not ‘get going’ for anything. I cannot describe to you how difficult it was to begin praying. It was like pulling teeth.

Finally, after about the first hour, we broke through and it began to flow.

The next morning we were talking to the couple from Texas and they had experienced exactly the same thing. There was a dark and heavy spirit over the house trying to keep us from praying. We did not give up and all eventually broke through.

The next night, the night before Jayd went home to be with The Lord, it was completely different. As soon as we entered that room we began to flow in the Spirit in our prayers. There was such a sweet peace over that house, completely opposite of what it had been the night before.

We found out in conversation that morning that the couple from Texas…you guessed it, experienced the very same thing.

Then on September 7th, after 2 solid days of being nonresponsive and eyes glazed over, Jayd spoke!

Suddenly out of nowhere, he began to say over and over, “It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s gonna be alright.”

The past couple of weeks Jayd had been in and out of consciousness. He would say things while he was out of it. One time, out of the blue, he said, “We’re almost there.” Jacee asked, “Where, Babe?” Without ever opening his eyes and coming to, Jayd said, “The River.”

We just wonder what God was showing him during those times of unconsciousness? The Jordan river?

Once he mentioned ‘Abraham’ and once ‘Jonah’. One time he blurted out, “What’s the purple for?”

Was Jesus showing him robes of royalty?

Then on that last day, after he had said, “It’s alright” over and over he suddenly sat up in bed, his eyes wide open. His eyes had not been wide open for some time but they were W-I-D-E open now and not just staring off into space. He was focused on something.

The lady from Texas, Cecilia, asked him, “What do you see, Jayd? Do you see angels?”

As clear as a bell, Jayd said, “I do see an Angel. I do see and Angel!”

Then he laid back, his breathing slowed, and then stopped.

We wanted Jayd to be physically healed. We wanted this for selfish reasons.

We want grandchildren. We want to see him and Jacee have a life together. We want him to have a ranch like he always wanted. We want to keep celebrating his birthdays and Christmas and all those 'family things' together. We want... We want... We want...

God had much bigger purposes for Jayd and Jacee.

Someone who doesn’t know God might ask, “What good did all that praying and worshipping do? What good did it do that you stayed up at night, lost sleep, and cried out to God?”

I cannot begin to list all the good it did.

  • It prepared us to accept His will and not be so focused on our own will.
  • Jayd was supposed to be in terrible pain. He had none. He was not even taking pain meds at the end.
  • Look at all the beautiful gifts God gave us in the things Jayd said above.
  • Jayd and Jacee’s story (which I call a ministry) touched so many lives and is still touching lives after He has gone.
  • I cannot mention names because it is personal to those to which it happened but emotional and relational healings took place, even at the graveside service, through Jayd and Jacee’s ministry.
  • We the family, as well as some others who came in, felt the tangible love and grace of God that had been prayed down into that house.

I could go on but I’ve written enough for today.

Thank you, Ms. Peggy (Ms. Piggy 🙂 ) for encouraging me to share some of what happened with Jayd. I pray that someone is encouraged by something in all of this.

It is hard to say, “See you later” to a child. It is not nearly as hard as it was for Jesus to go to the cross, knowing what He was about to face. But for the love of you and me, He cried out, “…Nevertheless not my will, but Thine, be done”.

Can you say that to God?

If so…

What does God have for you…just around the corner?


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  1. So beautiful! I pray that others get through their difficult situations with the grace that ya’ll did. The grace that only God can supply. The Peace that passes all understanding. Love ya’ll. Peggy

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