Things Are About to Get Back to Normal


Normal as defined by God.

Wow! What a week of revelation and how blessed I was to be able to share it with the Church.

Do you want to be a part of a great last-days revival and soul harvest?

Do not answer that too quickly. If you look at history and the great revivals you will see a pattern. Every time a great revival took place, it started with people who were absolutely broken and humble before God. I am talking about on their faces with tears streaming down their faces over the realization of their sin before a Holy God and being so hungry for more of Him they gave up themselves to Him.

Such a remnant of people in the church exists NOW.

God is bestowing upon man a ‘last act’ grace, a sovereign move of His Holy Spirit upon all mankind; a last chance to heed His call; people’s last opportunity, God’s last call.

Can the world that has rejected God, rushing head on into judgment expect to see the fires of revival?

Strange as it may seem, the greatest revivals have always come at the darkest hour.

The rain of the Spirit has fallen at different times throughout history when and where a people are open to Him, but the Lord has reserved the best wine for last.

More people have been saved in the last decade than in the previous two thousand years combined! You will not hear about it on the news but I have a personal missionary friend who is seeing hundreds of Muslims having visions of Jesus and being born-again.

A church within a church is rising up; a remnant group of believers that were hidden for a season, while they were being trained and tested in the fires of affliction. These warriors of God will make the powers of darkness tremble, turning the world upside down (or as my Brother Dennis says, ‘right-side-up’) as the harvest of souls begins to takes place.

Believers and followers of Jesus Christ were never intended to be mere spectators who come to church once a week to hear a sermon and watch one man fulfill the role of ‘minister‘.

The doctrine of the Nicolaitans (power over the laity; Revelation 2:6; 15), which was already operating in the days of John the Apostle, has become entrenched in the Church today.

The Lord wants His house to be a training center for His people, where they are perfected, trained, and released for the work of the ministry (service).

A radical shift in our attitude toward ‘having church’ has to take place. Pastors and leaders must transition from just preaching/teaching to equipping; developing leaders; investing in people; focusing not only on the needs of the church but also focusing on the needs of the community.

The Lord wants His church back, and He is calling all of His people to find their place in ministry.

Every believer is called to ministry (to serve), but it is going to take mature congregations, who are not afraid or intimidated by the abilities of others, to place each person in their set place, develop the gifting and callings inside of them, teach them how to function and then release them to operate there (Ephesians 4:11-16).

The full revelation of Christ through His body will only come as we begin to function in unity as a body; each believer doing what he has been gifted to do by the Lord.

God has chosen earthen vessels to manifest His glory and power on the earth, it behooves us to learn and understand Him, His kingdom, His power and His glory, and how He desires to reveal it through us.

I have a hard word…

There are too many people out of place in the Church. People with no anointing, doing things they were never called by God to do, and highly anointed godly vessels sitting in the pews doing nothing.

Every ministry and every believer need to become aligned with God’s will for their lives so as to maximize their fruitfulness and usefulness. None of us is worthy to be used of God like this, but we understand that it is only by the grace of God that He uses us. Therefore, our focus must always be on Him, and not ourselves.

Are you ready to stop watching and start participating?

Humble yourself before God, repent and do the first works, and return to your first love. God will not reject a broken and contrite heart.

If you are ready, if you do this…

What does God have for you…just around the corner?


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