Word Up


Well Hello There! It’s been a while.

September 22nd, 2015 to be exact. Where have you been, Bro. Kyle?

Right here where you left me.

There was a time when I posted an article every Monday. Truth be told, I am not certain when I will post another one after this…if ever. In fact, I am allowing the ekministries.org domain to expire in March.

A lot has happened since about August of last year. Changes and adjustments. I simply do not have the time I used to have and blog posts get pushed to the back burner, as it were.

However, I do want to share something with you. Last Sunday I challenged the congregation to…

“Get in The Word until The Word gets in you”.

“Get in The Word until you get a word”.

Of course there was quite a bit more to the sermon but those statements stuck with me.

This has been on my mind since. In fact, Wednesday night I gave us all some homework to do.

“Get in The Word until you get a word”.

Then come back next Wednesday night and, if you feel led to, share what the Lord showed you.

It could be a nugget of truth you have never seen in the Bible before. A revelation of some deeper understanding of a passage you have read 100 times before, yet The Lord showed you something new from it.

It could be a verse or passage that encouraged you right where you are now.

Whatever it is, share it. Believe it or not, what you have to share is encouraging to your brothers and sisters in Christ.

I know some people who think to themselves they have nothing worthy of sharing. They believe their revelations from the Lord are not that deep or inspiring.

Not true.

Whatever you have received of The Lord, whether you think it is big or small, will encourage and build the faith of someone who is listening.

This is one of the reasons we assemble ourselves together to worship. We need one another to learn from, draw strength and encouragement from, and to pray for.

May I issue the same challenge to you?

Get in The Word until The Word gets in you; until you get a word!

Then share it!




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