You Can Speak Life Changing Words

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I have spoken many times at church about the power of the spoken word.

A few years ago I came across a publication by Focus on the Family that illustrates the power of words to change the course of a person’s life. It was a story about a young lady named Mary.

Mary grew up in the 1950s, realizing she was different from the other kids, and she hated it. She was born with a cleft palate and had to bear the cruel jokes and stares of other children who teased her about her misshaped lip, crooked nose, and garbled speech.

Because of all this teasing, Mary grew up hating the fact that she was different. She was certain that no one, outside her family, could ever love her . . . until she began Mrs. Leonard’s class. Mrs. Leonard had a genuine smile, a happy round face, and shiny brown hair. Everyone in her class liked her, and Mary came to love Mrs. Leonard.

In the 1950’s, apparently it was common for teachers to give their children an annual hearing test. However, Mary was barely able to hear out of one ear. Determined not to let the other children have another difference to point out about her, she cheated on the test every year. The whisper test had a child walk to the classroom door, turn sideways, close one ear with a finger, and then repeat something the teacher had whispered.

Mary turned her bad ear towards her teacher and pretended to cover her good ear. She knew that teachers often said things like, “The sky is blue,” or “What color are your shoes?” But on that day. God must have put seven words in Mrs. Leonard’s mouth that changed Mary’s life forever.
When the “Whisper test” came, Mary heard the words: “I wish you were my little girl.”

Mary’s sense of worth was never the same from that day forward.

So let me ask you . . .
Who’s life can you change for the better with your words today?

What does God have for you…and who you speak to…just around the corner?

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