Is God Here?


Yesterday the Lord laid a message on my heart regarding His relationship with us in these last days.

Why did He create man in the first place? Among many reasons, one is He created mankind so that He could, as Genesis 3:8 says, walk in the garden with them. He desires a fellowship with you and me. The older I get and the deeper, awesome things of God and His Word I learn, the main thing I come more and more to understand is this: He desires to fellowship with us. Out of a Father’s love, He wants to teach us His ways, grow us in grace and knowledge of Him and His perfect love, so we can have that kind of love for one another.

We have no problem seeing God as…

  • The Almighty.
  • The Great I Am.
  • The Alpha and Omega.
  • The Beginning and the Ending.
  • The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

     And we have to know Him as these. We have to come to an understanding of Who He is first in this sense because that is the foundation of all that He is as Saviour in our lives.

     But once that reality of Who He is is established in our heart and mind, like any other relationship, it must grow into more.

     This is what God has been laying on my heart. He wants His people to come to know Him far more personally than just

  • as Lord and God
  • as Almighty
  • as The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
  • as The Ancient of Days
  • Elohim or El Shaddai

     He wants His people, His children, those whom He has loved so much He gave His only begotten Son for, He wants His children to know Him as Father and Friend.

There once was a Brother Lawrence in the 17th century, a monk in a monastery.

  • His job was not preaching the Word.
  • His job was not to greet important visitors,
  • or to write letters to state officials.
  • His job was not even to visit the sick and offer prayers of comfort.

His job was washing dishes.


     But everyone sought him for advice. People of the highest levels of Government and authority would make appointments to see him because the presence of God was not just in him, it radiated from him.

     How did he do it? How did he have such a vibrant relationship with the Lord that God’s presence was with him so?

     Here it is, are you ready? He practiced God’s presence.

(Read about Brother Lawrence here)

     What does that mean?

We know He is with us all the time, right? Do you know that God is with us every moment of the day? Sure.

  We know this but let me ask you a question; how many of us live every moment like we know God is right there with us?

  • Brother Lawrence washed dishes and talked to God.
  • He walked from here to there and talked with God.
  • He once said, “The most holy and necessary practice in our spiritual life is the presence of God. “

     He talked with God all the time in everything he did. He acknowledged the presence of God. He practiced the presence of God.

     Will you practice His presence this week?

What does God have for you…just around the corner?

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