Prayer and Nachos


Prayer and Nachos

There was once a very wise man by the name of “Ignacio”. So wise and simple were his ways, that he once said, “My life is good. Real good.”

Of all the wise sayings he ever uttered, one of my all time favorites was, “Hey, Take it easy.”


[If you do not get the “Nacho” reference, you have missed out on one of the most influential, inspiring, and thought-provoking motion pictures of our time]

Let’s face it, we live in a busy world. Nearly all of us are running to and fro all the time. My heart really goes out to these folks with kids who are running from this ball game, to that gymnastics event, to this cub scout meeting, and on and on it goes.

Can anyone relate?

I spent the biggest part of the week in Charlotte, NC. myself. I flew back into Nashville about 7:30 P.M. Friday night, visited with Jayd and Jacee (my son and daughter(in-law)) a little while Friday night and Saturday at the hospital, and then home to get ready to preach yesterday.

Today, it is back to work with a task list a mile long (Thank goodness for GTD, Getting Things Done. Check it out HERE if you are not familiar with it).

I am sure you are just as busy. The thing is, I feel God is saying to us, “Hey, Take it easy!”

If you are one to have quiet time with God in mornings before everything starts to whirl, then you know what it means to have your thoughts jump ahead to all the days tasks. You find your mind wandering sometimes to the plans and problems that lie ahead for you. Isaiah 26:3

God is saying, “Bring your thoughts back to Me. Refocus on Me for refreshing and renewal. Allow the peace of My presence to penetrate you as you refocus your mind on Me.”

In the secret place, in the quiet, (Psalm 91:1 He will equip us to face whatever the day has in store ahead. He is our High Tower (Psalm 18:2. That means that though we cannot see around the next corner, God can see afar off. He can see what is coming our way and He will prepare us and equip us to handle whatever that may be.

The sacrifice of time we make to spend with Him in the quiet of the morning, pleases Him and strengthens us.

Do not take lightly the time you spend with the Lord. We need that time to “Take it easy”, and soak in His presence. Rebuke the wandering of your thoughts toward what lies ahead, and focus on the moment with God.

You will have chosen that good part, and it shall not be taken away from you. Luke 10:42

What does God have for you…just around the corner?

Amazon Stre

So here is the advertisement; Our domain name cost a little bit each year and EKM would like to be able to provide physical ministry materials to our readers some day. This too will cost a little money.

Hence the EKM Amazon store.

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Lord bless you and yours!

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