The Smokey Mountains and Rubber Legs


The Smokey Mountains and Rubber Legs

Do you love the Smokies? Assuming you have been, you know the majesty of the mountain streams that are so loud, you can’t even hear the person speaking beside you. But it is a “good loud”, a soothing loud; not the kind of loud I hear at home when some dude drives by with the bass on his stereo-so-loud-his-windows-are-vibrating, loud.

Back in October, we took a trip to the Smokey Mountains. On one absolutely beautiful day, I hiked up to Rainbow Falls, a little over 2 1/2 miles up a mountain. After about an hour, I had traveled a great distance of 50 feet or so (more or less). I stopped for the hundredth time to take in the awe-inspiring beauty of God’s creation (this is what I told myself. The real reason I stopped so much was to catch what little breath I could that had not run so far ahead of me I could not longer feel it).

Looking down from the Falls

I looked at the trail ahead that wound up the mountain. I could not see my final destination, I could only see the trail, full of uneven rocks and not looking to get any easier, mocking my wheezing lungs. “This would have been so much easier when I was 25 years old”, I thought to myself. But I was bound and determined to make it up there and see Rainbow Falls. “One step at a time”, I told myself, as I tried to breath so deeply, my toes expanded.

Isn’t that all God asks of us? One step at a time.

Occasionally I would look up from the trail to gaze at the mountain above. Since my legs already felt like two, over-worked rubber bands, taking my eyes off the trail to look up the mountain, only caused me to stumble on the small rocks in my path.

It is the same with God. He sets us on a path where our only responsibility is to look at each step we take. Instead we look up at the entire mountain ahead and get worried about how in the world we are going to make it. We do not know what will happen in the next 5 minutes, much less tomorrow and beyond. There could be a turn in our path that will take us away from the mountain, or there could be an easier path than we can see from where we are right now.

We cannot see very far ahead, but God can. If He does lead us up a steep and rocky path, He will also equip us to make the climb.

Walk by faith, not by sight. If we read the entire passage in context, we see the Bible is not making a contrast here but a comparison. There is no such thing as “blind faith”, as one old saying goes. Faith is not blind, it is not the opposite of sight, it is simply another way of seeing. It is God’s way of seeing.

When I looked up that mountain, I wondered how in the world I would ever make it to my destination. I sense God is telling us to keep our minds on the present, focusing on His presence and His guidance. Walk by faith not by sight, trusting He will guide each step until we reach His intended destination.

I made it to Rainbow Falls. It was beautiful. It was worth it. I made it, taking one step at a time…with rubber legs, of course.


Now to get down………..

What does God have for you…at the bottom of the hill?

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