Pizza and the Devil


Apparently there is a need in the church today, at least in my small part of the world. I say this as a result of the response to a subject I taught on at church yesterday that was very relevant to what some people are experiencing and dealing with on a daily basis. Are you one of those people?

I began by telling a story; Saturday I was in a ‘blah’ mood. As the day wore on, I became more ‘blah’. I had been asking the Lord what He wanted me to preach Sunday, but nothing was coming to me. Saturday, as I knew I was going to go to our bedroom and go before the Lord for whatever He had for me, I just really got in a mood. Believe it or not, I even got a little hard to get along with.

We had to go to Missy’s Mom’s house and do some things and on the way home, we decided we would get some pizza. We had not had pizza in quite a while and it just sounded good. So we called ahead and ordered pizza from Papa Johns. We got sausage on one half for me and pineapple and Canadian bacon on the other half for Missy. We also specifically ordered thick crust.


When we got there, the pizza was not ready yet so we had to wait for a while. It was Saturday night, so you can imagine they were very busy. The longer we waited, the more of a ‘mood’ I was in. When we finally got the pizza, we just took it and headed home. When we opened the box at home, guess what, it was thin crust!

That really sent me over the edge. “I can’t believe they gave us thin crust. I hate thin crust.” I got all bent out of shape over something as insignificant as thin crust pizza.

I told you all that to tell you this; That is not like me. That is not my personality. I don’t get all torn up about silly things like thin crust pizza.

So why did I get so upset?

When I went to our bedroom to get with the Lord, He showed me what was going on, and in that, He showed me exactly what He wanted me to preach yesterday.

BlueButtonBible_thumb.pngWhat was going on?

There are things we don’t talk about much in my line of churches. I don’t know why exactly, I have my suspicions, but the reasons could be many. Some think we are too sophisticated to talk about such superstitions, some think these things just don’t happen anymore, that somehow God, and the devil for that matter, have somehow changed since a couple thousand years ago.

I tend to think the bottom line to all of it is simply a lack of belief, which is ironic since that is exactly where the devil wants us to be in the first place. A place of unbelief.

What am I talking about, you ask?

First, let me ask a series of questions:

  • How is it that a person that is a believer can become depressed?
  • How is it that a person that is a believer can be happily married for 20 or 30 years and all of a sudden decide they are leaving, either because of another man or woman that has come into their life or just by themselves?
  • How is it that a person that is a believer can up and do something completely out of character and/or something they KNOW is not right?

In 2 Cor. 2:11, Paul says of satan that we (believers) are not ignorant of his devices. I fear that many in the church today ARE ignorant of his devices. Many in the church today do not recognize our enemy at work in their lives.

The same things The Lord Jesus and those we read about in the Bible in the early church were casting out, are the very same things Doctors and Psychiatrists are writing prescriptions for today.

What causes believers to do the things I mentioned a moment ago? What was the ‘blah’ over me yesterday? A spirit from the devil. These evil spirits try to get us down and hold us back from all the good that God has for us.


I went on to teach regarding several different ways a devil may try to influence us. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, the battleground is the mind. An evil spirit will try to affect our thoughts negatively, thereby affecting our emotions and attitudes, thereby affecting our outward actions and reactions.

By the time I finished teaching, someone in the service spoke up and confessed before the church their struggle with evil spirits and how that this message was just what they needed to know what it really was affecting their life, and to know what to do about it.

From there, the Holy Spirit began to move and the service took on a life of its own. Others shared similar struggles, and it became a real, worship service.

BlueButtonWorsipping_thumb.pngI have cut the teaching far short here in this post, but allow me to share some of what can be done, in case a reader is beginning to feel prodded by the Holy Spirit right now that this is happening in their life. Here is what to do…

Recognizing it is the first step, but recognizing it alone won’t do any good. Notice what Jesus does in Matt. 8:16 to get rid of the possessing devil? What He did to the possessing devil will work on other spirits, such as oppressing and vexing ones, as well.

Look at Matt. 8:16, *When the even was come, they brought unto him many that were possessed with devils: and he cast out the spirits with his word*,…

I have written quite a bit here on TAG! regarding the power of the spoken word and particularly the power of the spoken Word of God. How is the devil defeated in Revelation 12:11? It says, *And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony*;…

BlueButtonRunning_thumb.pngWhen one of those negative spirits comes over you, recognize it for what it is and rebuke it in the name of Jesus Christ. Plead the blood of The Lamb of God over your life, speak the good and positive words of your testimony, that is what God is doing in your life right now, and tell that spirit where to go!

TAG! You’re it.

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