Thursday – Link Day – Graphics

Link Day!

What is “Link Day”?

Every Thursday I will post a link (or two) to something I like, with the hopes that someone else may like it who has not seen it before.

  • Some links will be resources for Biblical study.
  • Some links will be resources for news without the spin.
  • Some links will be to productivity tools (Which I am into).
  • Some links will have nothing to do with anything other than just fun.
  • Who knows, maybe you’ll see something you will like!

 Okay, here are our first LINKS…

Do you like to play with pictures & graphics? Do I have a deal for you.

In college, I took a photography class as an elective (Huge waste of money but it was better than “History and Culture of the Adriatic Basin”) and they wanted us to pay well over $100, maybe even $200 (I really can’t remember, as they lost me after the word “hundred”) for Photoshop software.

“?hundred dollars for Photoshop? HA!“, I said to myself. I knew of a software package that did everything Photoshop did and for a much better price. I mean a much, MUCH better price. How about FREE?!!!

I have been using it for several years now. It is updated regularly with great features and it is STILL FREE! All the photos that I edit in any way for the EKM site or posts, I edit with this software. It will do far more than I will ever actually do with it!

What is this software, you ask? Get to the point, you say?

Perhaps we should have a post on “patience”? Okay, okay, here you go…

It is called, “Photo Pos Pro”. 2014-11-03_1343You can download it HERE. I did the “Link Day” pic at the top of this post with PPP.

Before you download, allow me to make a suggestion. CNET, the host site, will want you to download some stuff you absolutely do not need. When you download PPP, check “custom install” and uncheck all the unwanted stuff. That’s all there is to it.


As a First Post Bonus, allow me to share another handy little program called “Jing”.

Where do I get the pictures I edit in Photo Pos Pro? Usually from the internet, of course, but you can edit any photo of your own, as well. With internet photos, certainly you can right click and “save image as”, but then you get the url and ping back info attached to the image, and ultimately it can be tracked.

The better way is to just clip it with “Jing”. Jing allows you to take a snap shot of a full page or simply drag a box around the image you want. You can then either copy or save the image…and ONLY the image without all the gobbledy-gook attached.

In fact, the Photo Pos Pro image above and this Jing Image…


…were both clipped with Jing.

Here is the download link…JING. And yes, it is free, as well.


I hope you enjoyed the “Link Day” post. You never know what I will put on here next week. It just may be something that changes your life! (And it may be absolutely, positively, without a doubt, stupendously worthless to you…ahhh but you never know)

What are your favorite pic and graphic editing tools? Let me know in the “Comments” section.

Lord bless you and yours!


Amazon Stre

Anything you purchase from Amazon through the EKM site helps to fund EKM Ministries. It does not cost any more than shopping directly through Amazon and if you are a Prime member, nothing changes. It simply gives EKM Ministries a small “finders fee”.

You are not limited to what is on the EKM store site. If you want to purchase an electronic mouse trap, then by all means, purchase an electronic mouse trap.

Click the “Powered by Amazon” button in the top right bar and you will be taken to Amazon. Through here, EKM will still get credit.

Thank you so much for your support and remember to do your Amazon Christmas shopping through this EKM Amazon Store. I just wouldn’t recommend an electronic mouse trap as a gift.

Lord bless you and yours!

Ready? Here is the link…


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