The Law of the Firstborn


Do you have children? There is a battle going on for our children. Particularly for our firstborn. And even more particularly for our firstborn sons.

All of our children are important, obviously, but it is a fact that the firstborn son is sanctified throughout the Bible.

I received a heart-breaking phone call last week regarding someone’s son. Yes, their firstborn son. This firstborn son has confessed to a terrible sin in his life. It has absolutely broken his parent’s hearts.

What is it, you ask?

It doesn’t matter. It could be anything. I will not say what it is for the same reason the Apostle Paul did not tell us what his own “thorn in the flesh” was. If Paul had told us exactly what his problem was, then we would take that and run with it and leave out any other possibility of anything else God may use to keep us humble.

BlueButtonBible_thumb.pngIt all started on the very first day of creation. God separated the darkness and light. Later, in Exodus 13:1 & 2, we see the separation of the firstborn. From there on, it is a given that the firstborn is special in God’s plan.

  • The Devil does not like this!!!!

The firstborn has two special distinctions: the birthright and the blessing.

  • The Birthright is a heritage grant from the father to the firstborn son.
  • The Blessing was spoken over the firstborn son by the father, relating not only to prosperity but also a prophetic word for his life.

Our enemy, the Devil, hates anything that is sanctified by God.

For example:

  • The family in general – the family is definitely under attack today.
  • Marriage between one man and one woman, the first institution set up by God Himself, and the very basis of the family – under attack today.
  • Children, created in the image of their father and mother just as God has created all His children in His image – under attack from every side today, being tempted with and influenced by…
    • Drugs
    • Alcohol
    • Premarital physical relations
    • Anti-Social behaviors -worse than ever today
    • Lack of respect for parents or any authority – worse today than ever
    • Spirit of anger
    • Spirit of homosexuality
    • Spirit of promiscuity
    • Lack of compassion
    • 2 Timothy 3:2-4

I could go on and on. I could go through all the Scriptures regarding the firstborn, blessings and curses. I could tell you all about how Satan uses circumstances and especially negative, ungodly influences to set up mental barriers and unhealthy relationships, which many times prevent one from coming to repentance (even when they know in their heart it is what they need to do). However, I feel we need to get to the good news a little faster.

The Good News

There is a solution and the earlier in your childs life you can begin the better, but please note…it is never too late!!!


BlueButtonWorsipping_thumb.pngLay your right hand on your childs head and …

  • Speak, in the authority of Jesus Christ, blessings and protection into your childs life.
  • Plead the blood of THE Lamb of God over your children. The blood of Jesus not only saves, but protects!
  • If there is a mountain in your childs life (See Matthew 21:21), speak to it in the authority of Jesus and tell it where to go.

If your child is older and moved away and you are not in a position to lay your right hand on them, that’s alright, don’t worry. Jesus is big enough to go where you need Him. Wherever you are and wherever your child(ren) is(are),  is not relevant. Pray.

BlueButtonRunning_thumb.pngThis post could be soooo much longer but you get the jist. If your child is in a place spiritually and/or physically that is harmful to themselves and/or others, Pray and speak in the authority of Jesus, and believe the powers of Heaven itself are moving on your behalf…because they are!!!

What does God have for you…just around the corner?


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