Why Is This Happening to Me????

BigBrownEKMLife tends to throw some zingers now and then. Can you relate to this: Things seem to be going along pretty smoothly and all of a sudden…


  • Loss of job
  • Edge of divorce
  • Diagnosed with cancer
  • Car breaks down
  • Alien abduction
  • You get the picture…(You may add your own here).

We have talked about this multiple times here at TAG! and the fact that as long as we live in this world…stuff will happen.

However, today I feel compelled to talk about the questions we ask ourselves regarding these things that pop up.

As believers and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are not supposed to hate people, but we CAN hate things. May I say that I hate going to the doctor!

A while back (without going into detail on exactly what) something happened with me that was not normal (Actually, now that I think about it, there is not much at all about me that is ‘normal’, but that is a subject for another post that I may let Missy write)Spock-spock-star-trek-smiley-emoticon-000554-huge

I asked myself the question that probably so many of us ask, “Why is this happening to me?” Missy talked me into going to the doctor. I had not been to the doctor in nearly 10 years. I figure if nothing is wrong, why mess with perfection, right? Of course when I do go, my doctor always comes out with the question, “You get the oil changed in your car, right?”

For this particular issue, I am referred to a “specialist”. In my mind, being referred to a specialist is like having a doctor say, “This will only sting a little. Hand me a signed check”. Again I asked myself, “Why is this happening to me?”

Of course, all the while the Holy Spirit is telling me I have the wrong attitude and that I am asking the wrong question. I didn’t understand that at the time. Why don’t we listen to the Holy Spirit?

Long story short (which I realize I have already blown), I met a great doctor, a believer. We talked about the Lord and we even prayed for one another before I left. It was a great visit and I really don’t think he charged me full price!

I left with the Holy Spirit saying, “See? Trust Me.”

He impressed upon me that I had been asking the wrong questions.

As a result of the question, why is this happening to me, what do you think overcame my mind? That’s right; anxiety, worry, fear, and dread.

Instead of asking why is this happening to me, in a negative way, the Holy Spirit began to give me ideas of a better way to ask the question, why is this happening to me in a positive way.

In other words…

  1. What if God is speaking to me through means I would not have chosen for myself?
  2. What if God is trying to show me something about Himself I have never seen before? (Remember Mary, Martha, and Lazarus? They knew He could heal, they had seen that. They had NO IDEA He could raise the dead!)
  3. What if this is necessary in order for me to be prepared for the next important step in my life?
  4. What does this experience make possible?
  5. What will I be telling my grandchildren I learned that was so valuable in this time of my life?
  6. What if this is the beginning of something new and exciting in the Lord?
  7. What if the answer to my prayer is just around the corner?

We could go on and on with positive questions. If you noticed, all of these questions lead to thoughts of exciting anticipation and an active looking for God to do something awesome!

Immediately, I sensed a shift in my spirit. It began energizing me. In retrospect, this ‘thing’ happening in my life was actually a good thing because it was one of those ‘things’ that happen in life that brings us closer to God and make us more aware of His presence.

The bottom line is this: you can’t always choose what happens to you. Accidents and tragedies happen. But you can choose how you respond to those situations. One of the best ways to begin is to ask yourself the right question.

What is happening in your life right now? What questions can you ask that will bring about the right perspective and bring you closer to God?

TAG – You’re it!


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