Why 14?

Why 14?

Regarding my e-book, 14 Days to a Transformed Life, many people have been asking me, “Why ’14’ days?”

2014-06-12_1928If you have wondered why 14 days, as opposed to 30, or 60, or 1/2 day, then wonder no more! If you are NOT one of those people who have been wondering, then for the sake of this post, ‘wonder’ for just a moment so we can carry on here.

When the Holy Spirit began to burden me about this little project, I began to pray about a title. I knew what the content would be, I just needed a title.

I felt it needed something that would immediately describe exactly what it is. Something short and to the point. Something simple and not overwhelming. I prayed and prayed. You’d be surprised how difficult a title can be to come up with, again, that conveyed what this would be about.

I didn’t want people to be frightened off by the pressure to commit to too many days. Can you imagine if I had called it, 60 Days…, or even, 30 Days…? Oh, and I did consider those lengths of time. I have read before that in order to form a lasting habit, one must stick to something for 30 to 60 days.

Then one day while praying, it hit me (or He hit me), 14 Days!!

Again the question: why 14 days?

Multiple reasons.

  1. Everyone knows that the number 7 in the Bible means completeness, or perfection. 14, being double the number 7, implies a double measure of spiritual perfection, which I pray for everyone who emailed me their committment form.
  2. The generations of Jesus genealogy are broken up into 14, Matthew 1:17
  3. Who can tell me what the beginning of wisdom is? Proverbs 9:10 In the Book of Proverbs, the statement “the fear of the Lord” occurs 14 times: Proverbs 1:7, 29, 2:5, 8:13, 9:10, 10:27, 14:26, 27, 15:16, 33, 16:6, 19:23, 22:4, 23:17.
  4. My favorite holiday (holy-day) is Passover. It occurs on the 14th day of the first month on the Biblical calendar. Lev.23:5Num.28:16
  5. And of course, it was on that 14th day of the first month, the One that Passover is all about, Jesus Christ, God manifested in the flesh, the only begotten Son of God the Father, and the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world, was crucified as the perfect sacrifice to save mankind from sin. Jesus’ death on Passover completed His ministry in the flesh. John 19:14-19
  6. And finally, because 14 days is not so long that you (yes you, dear reader) cannot commit to it and do it. I know you can!

So, have you had a chance to look over the e-book?
Have you committed to the 14 days challenge?

I can’t wait to see what God has for you…just around the corner!

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14 Days to a Transformed Life
14 Days to a Transformed Life

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