TAG! You’re It!

Big Changes Are Coming for the Kingdom Watch Blog!

For years I have written on whatever subject was on my heart at a given time. Alot of that time has been inconsistent, having been in school and such. The Lord has been dealing with me of late regarding focus, adding value, and consistency.

The Spirit burdened me to ask myself, “Why am I doing this?”

I am called to preach and love to do so. It blesses my heart to see the “light bulb” go off in someone’s eyes when they get a fresh revelation from God’s Word. This blog however, is different.

I asked the Lord,

  • What is my motivation for doing this?
  • What do I hope to gain from it, outside of personal venting?
  • What do readers get out of this blog, if anything at all?

After much prayer and meditation, the Spirit laid this on my heart; to write out my “Personal Calling Statement”, which will guide me in my basic purpose.

Here it is…

I am a called preacher and teacher. I help the church understand the Word of God so that they may apply it for life transformation.

That’s it! That’s why I’m doing it! To help my brothers and sisters in Christ (and me too) grab hold of the Scriptures and make practical application of them on a daily basis.
I said BIG changes are coming for Kingdom Watch, in fact so big (grab a tissue), that it will not even be called Kingdom Watch anymore.Yes, after six years (remember when we were on Blogger?) Kingdom Watch is evolving.

Starting next post, it will have a new look and a new name…TAG!.
Okay, Brother Kyle. What is TAG?
Well, the Lord laid it on my heart about 10:00pm, March 27th, as I was again meditating on how He would have me to proceed.
TAG is directly connected to my Personal Calling Statement.
  • I teach.
  • We apply it.
  • Then we go put it to work.
You may even see my TAG icons from time to time…

      Teach            Apply             Go!         

So keep an eye out for future posts that will hopefully be more informative and challenging, and maybe even a little interactive.
For the most part, people we know have followed us for years, and a few that just happened upon the site.
In the coming posts, I’ll be asking you to share the blog with folks you know, so please help me get the word out (or should I say, get The Word out), as the posts begin to change.
I’ve even put some buttons in below to help you easily share the posts through your favorite social media sites.And just in case you are not getting my weekly blog post, you can sign up HERE and it will come right to your inbox every Monday morning.

Be sure to add us to your address book so you don’t lose us in your spam folder.

Thank you so much for your support through the years. I am excited to see what God has for us…just around the corner!
Oh yeah, and TAG…you’re it! (Go Share!)

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