Building Belief

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One thought on “Building Belief

  1. Praying God blessing over ones self is an old school concept…However I’m an old school type of guy and God has been working on my heart in the area of anointing and blessings. I now anoint with oil my truck when it has issues… letters I had to send out to get that ugly stuff off the internet…Alina songs that she is writing…even the animals…When I feel overwhelmed by the world…I anoint myself and pray Gods blessings on my situations…It has now been over two months since God has revealed this and I work in a peaceful state it almost feel like somedays that don’t have a care in the world…I invite Jesus with me every time I get in my truck for work, I even keep the passenger seat open…I ask what do you want me to do today…everyday I have an opportunity to share. Yesterday I had to pick-up a tool battery, one of them worked the other didn’t ( I said Jesus you must have a reason) so I stopped on my way home to drop it back off and got to share Jesus with the man at the counter…He is so stressed with life…Praise God I get to share with him again when I go to pick up the battery… Another thing God showed me was to be equally yoked we think of it a lot of times with marriage he showed me one morning during my quiet time so I wrote out everything that had happened in the past or currently on a piece of paper I ended up with two pieces of paper he showed me that Jesus is their for me so I handed over each item to him and when Satan wants to create doubt in my mind I say you have to take that issue up with my brother Jesus…I’m no longer responsible or in charge of that issue…It works every time Jesus want to carry our burdens however we don’t want to let them go…I can’t say that I’m 100% yet but it gets easier and easier everyday…Off to garage sale this morning to see who Jesus wants me to speak blessing to…

    I love you my brother…. you have been an unbelievable blessing in my life…Don’t let Satan tell you anything different.

    In HIS Service,


    Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2013 04:30:55 +0000 To:


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