Day 40 (40 Days of Prayer)

Here we are, the last day. But of course it doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be the last day. I hope you have gotten into the joy of prayer and that now you do not want to go on without it.

The story of Esther becoming queen at a crucial time in the history of the Jewish people has
inspired many through the years. The Jews faced annihilation at the hands of their enemies. Esther risked her life if she spoke out, but her cousin
Mordecai’s words gave her the courage she needed. He appealed to the timing of her part in this drama, “for such a time as this” (Esth. 4:14).

Like Esther, we live in perilous times in which our nation is under assault from foreign enemies and from those within who have failed to understand the critical role of the Christian faith to the greatness of America. It is a situation that cannot simply be fixed by
a new leader, new plan or different strategy.

We need the intervention of God!

God steps in when His people passionately ask Him to. The most important thing believers can do for America is to pray. In these days of distress, the Lord is raising up a people who will intercede with faith and fervency! You are answering the call.

»Pray for discernment of the days in which we live and to know how you should pray
»Pray for a spirit of prayer to come over the church.

Father, thank You that You hear us when we call. Give us an understanding of the times
in which we live and Your purposes for our nation. Align our prayers with Your desires.


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