Day 38 (40 Days of Prayer)

The Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, has stirred a divisive, heated
debate that continues to be fought in the courtrooms of our nation.

For believers, the moral dilemma is huge, as we could be legally forced to partake in a system that
financially supports the killing of babies.

With astronomical health care prices, it’s obvious this is not an easy fix. We need
government leaders who will implement a just health care plan rather than simply
trying to please everyone. We must also pray that a solution will arise that does not
force Christians to fund abortion.

»Pray for wisdom for lawmakers to create just legislation for the U.S. population.
»Pray for wisdom and discipline to care for the body God has given you.
»In Jesus’ name, renounce the spirit of abortion that is affecting legislators as they
reform our nation’s health care system.


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