Day 35 (40 Days of Prayer)

America’s economy has declined at a rapid pace in recent years.
The housing market has plummeted, stocks have spiraled, major industries have
neared implosion and unemployment has soared. As believers, however, our trust is
in God and not our current resources—whether in a recession or a boom.

We remember how Christ provided for the multitude using only two fish and five
loaves of bread. We can’t forget how God provided for the widow in 2 Kings 4. And
we know God can change our economy in a blink of the eye—all for His glory.

»Pray that our government and industry leaders will gain wisdom to create
godly legislation to revitalize the economy.
»Pray that the church would trust in God’s provision regardless of the economy.

Lord, we pray that You would give our nation’s government and industry leaders
wisdom to cause our economy to prosper for Your purposes. We ask that You provide jobs
and resources for Your people, so we may be testimonies of Your faithfulness to those who
don’t know You.


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