Day 30 (40 Days of Prayer)

Jeremiah 33:6, Behold, I will bring it health and cure, and I will cure them, and will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth.
There is a real wave of discouragement and despondency sweeping through
America these days. For many, it seems as though our nation is on the path of no

There is a legitimate concern that we have drifted too far from God and that
we might never again see a nationwide spiritual awakening. It certainly is possible
for a people to go too far in their rebellion.But I do not believe the United States
is yet at that point.

The Lord has many who are crying out to Him. While a global
prayer movement is emerging like never before, there is also a growing movement
of prayer here in America that is focusing on repentance and turning back to God.
(Check out for an encouraging viewpoint.)

God’s Word to Judah many years ago was both bad news and good news.
The people were going to suffer for their rebellion against God. But amid those
tough times, God made a promise showing that He wasn’t done with Judah. He prom-
ised health, peace and security to a people who didn’t deserve it. But such is His
mercy and love—both then and today!

»Make a commitment to pray daily
for a spirit of repentance to come upon the
church in the United States.
»Thank the Lord that His mercy tri-
umphs over judgment.
»Pray for healing, peace and security
for this nation.
Lord, we certainly deserve Your judg-
ment. As a nation, we have sinned against
You in virtually every way. We have delib-
erately tried to remove You from public life.
We have squandered wealth, chosen conve-
nience over life, abused the weak, dishon-
ored the poor, and allowed our prejudices
and hatreds to divide us. Forgive us! Instead
of judgment, pour out Your mercy. We need
the healing that only You can provide. Bring
again to our nation Your health, Your peace
and Your security.


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