Day 28 (40 Days of Prayer)

Lascivious behavior, drugs and alcohol have all become strongholds within the American school system.

At the same time, we’ve removed prayer
and Scripture from curriculum. Is it any
wonder why U.S. students are losing aca-
demic ground in comparison to other
young people around the world?

We must ask God to forgive us for
pushing Him out of our schools. As we ask
for His presence to be restored in schools,
know that He is able to promote leaders in
the education system who fear Him and
will fight to return godly principles to the

Let’s commit to praying for
godly teachers and administrators.

» Pray that God would protect our students from the attacks of the enemy.
»Pray that educators would teach godly principles.
»Pray that our government officials would be able to make wise decisions with
regard to our children.


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