Day 13 (40 Days of Prayer)

Lord, please give our leaders ears to hear Your wisdom and guidance, and the
discernment, courage and strength to carry out Your direction. We ask, Father, for You
to move their hearts to honor You as their highest Authority.

We pray for wisdom and strength for the President, his cabinet, his administration and
his family. We ask that Your Holy wisdom penetrate the thoughts and decision making
processes of those in positions of authority. Help all those in authority to recognize they
are accountable first to You.
We ask You to instill in our leaders an awareness of the Godly heritage of this country
and their responsibility before You to honor and preserve it. We ask for leaders in all
walks of life who sincerely hunger for truth and strive for sacred honor in all they think,
say and do. We ask You to guide and guard their motives, desires and plans.
We ask You to raise up Godly leaders who desire principle over politics. We ask for
servantleaders who desire to be statesmen over politicians. We ask for religious leaders who understand You and are devoted to Your Truth and proclaim it boldly.

We ask for You to prosper and give favor to those who are truly devoted to You, that
they may grow in influence and effectiveness. We ask for Your transforming power to
work in the lives of those who would deceive, divide and destroy. Amen.

Pray for our leaders…

We ask that You turn their hearts towards You, Lord. We ask that You soften their
hearts, Lord, to recognize and receive truth. Lord, we ask that you grant them the
understanding and knowledge that come from the fear of You. We ask that you grant
them wisdom and discernment, Lord, and that you make them bold to do what is right in
Your sight. Lord, we ask that you direct their hearts to do Your will. Amen.


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