Do You Know How to Pray

In addition to the 40 days of prayer posts, the Holy Spirit has burdened me to ask you a question: Do you know how to pray?

If so, do you?

I go to a Baptist church. This gives me the right to talk about them (Ha). In most of our churches, many people do not know how to pray. They have not been taught to pray. Many grow up in our churches hearing little one minute prayers of thanksgiving, one minute prayers for the offering, and one minute prayers for the dismissal. Shame on us for not having prayer meetings where we go for at least an hour praying through our classrooms, praying over our pews, praying over our sick and hurting.

Last Sunday night, I cut preaching a little short so we could all gather at the front and lay hands on three people who really needed some prayer. The Holy Ghost showed up and real prayer produced tears flowing down many people’s cheeks.

How often do you pray with your spouse? How often do you pray through your house or around your property? How often do you pray through the rooms in your home church building? How much time do you spend in your prayer closet?

I have a friend that I meet for breakfast once every week so we can just talk about Jesus and get excited about Him together! He has a closet underneath a flight of stairs in his home that he has made into a literal prayer closet. We all need a private place, a closet, a bedroom, a study, or anywhere where we can get alone with God and truly seek His face. Until we do, we will live life just wishing the power, the revelation, the favor, the blessing, the voice, the regeneration of God was upon us. Don’t wish it!!!¬†Galatians 5:25, If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.

The Lord woke me up at midnight a month or so ago and I began to pray, walking around and around the dining table. I didn’t know what He wanted me to pray for, I just began to give thanks and ask Him what He wanted me to pray for. I began to pray in the Spirit and after an hour, it hit me. The Holy Spirit laid a couple from church on my mind. I picked up my phone and sent a text to them saying what the Holy Spirit had laid on my heart; God wants you to prosper, even as He wants your soul to prosper. That was a paraphrase of 3 John 1:2.

They told me the following Sunday that they had had a terrible day, that day. It rained all day and their business was not good at all. No one was out because of the rain. After receiving the text, they said the next day, they had the best day they had ever had before.

A ask

S seek

K knock

Asking is the seed for receiving
Asking is the proof of humility
Asking is the only evidence of real faith

What does God have for you…just around the corner? Go pray and find out !!!



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