Founding Fathers Quotes…William Bradford

The upcoming presidential election typically causes us to look to our future and what it may hold. I felt it appropriate to look at our past and see where we came from.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting some quotes from our founding fathers. Enjoy.


William Bradford (Plymouth governor)
William Bradford (Plymouth governor) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

William Bradford

• wrote that they [the Pilgrims] were seeking:

• 1) “a better, and easier place of living”; and that “the children of the group were being drawn away by evil examples into extravagance and dangerous courses [in Holland]“

• 2) “The great hope, and for the propagating and advancing the gospel of the kingdom of Christ in those remote parts of the world”

The Mayflower Compact (authored by William Bradford) 1620 |

“Having undertaken, for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith, and honor of our King and Country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the northern parts of Virginia, do by these presents solemnly and mutually, in the presence of God, and one of another, covenant and combine our selves together…”


God, God, God! Every other sentence seems to be about God! Were these people crazy?

Yes, crazy about Jesus!! Oh that we would concern ourselves today as much about bringing glory to God.

What does God have for you…just around the corner?


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