Changes Everywhere

A website is like a living creature; it is forever changing and growing.

I recently added a forum to my site and am already removing it. I have opted instead to use Google + for any questions and responses we may want to have. I would like to thank Joyce for sharing her experiences on the forum.

The reason I am changing is very simple, I am using Google + more and more. The forum is something extra to have to keep up with.

Make yourself at home and sign up on Google + (Here). I would be glad to add you to my circles of friends.

Several people have commented on the video I posted on my site. There is excitement in the air!  We are looking forward to what God has just around the corner.

I am looking forward to church tonight. We are going to look at something we became very familiar with at Middlefork and it is exciting to share it with Pinson, especially since many things have changed since we last talked about it. What is it? The Temple and all that has been made, ready to be used in it.

The more the Temple is talked about and planned on, the closer we are to Jesus return!!!

What does God have for you…just around the corner?


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