The Heart of Man

Socialized Health Care.

Unmanageable National Deficit.

Failing Social Security and Medicare.

Iran Obtaining Nuclear Weapons.

U.S. Government Getting Bigger and Bigger and Bigger and …

I could go on and on with this list but these things are not the problem with our country.  When it comes right down to it, all these things are temporary. They weigh on us from a patriotic standpoint but in the grand scheme of things they are merely blips in just another country’s problems in a long list of countries that have come…and gone throughout history.

Obama is not the problem.

The Democrats are not the problem.

The Republicans are not the problem.

The problem is the heart of man himself. The only way that heart will change is through the blood of Jesus Christ, the Lord.

The only way that will happen is if we (Believers) demonstrate the love of Christ in our lives, our everyday lives.

Do you have a visitation program at your church? Why?

How many members does your church have?

How many show up for “visitation night”?

For most churches, the difference in these two numbers is a disgrace.

We are supposed to be the BODY of Christ. It is the responsibility of EVERY member to share Jesus EVERY day, EVERY where we go. Not by going door to door like a vacuum cleaner salesman on one particular night of the week, but everyday, everywhere. May I also add that I do not mean we are to beat people over their heads with our Bibles everyday and everywhere but simply be a witness.

What does a witness do? A witness does not have to know all the details and intricacies of the law but simply tell what he or she has seen and heard. Thats it. A witness tells what he or she has seen and heard for themselves.

Tell people what Jesus has done for you. Tell people how Jesus has changed your life. Tell people what a difference Jesus has made in your life.

Ultimately that is what will change the heart of man.

What does God have for you…just around the corner?


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