Christmas Spirit at Macy’s

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As most all of you know, I am bi-vocational in the ministry and this has been a very busy week at work. I just got home from an exciting and fun-filled few days in lovely Little Rock, AR. participating in an event at our corporate offices (please forgive me for the sarcasm in my voice…ah, writing). Praise the Lord I have a job, right?

I am working and studying hard to keep the Monday posts relevant to our question “Will America Recover or go Bankrupt?” Therefore the “between Mondays” may be a little lean while I catch up with my secular work.

I do have something to share with you that came to me from our dear sister Nelda Rhodes. It is a short “You Tube” video taken inside a Macy’s Department Store. If you know the Lord Jesus in a personal way, it will absolutely bless your heart! She actually sent it a few days ago and I have only just now been able to find time to watch it. Let me say that it is worth the time spent watching it. If you are not able to watch right now, then please save this for later and make it a point to come back and do so. It will bless your heart.

Click here to watch!

What does God have for you…just around the corner?

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