How About Those Government Jobs?!

As we begin our series on the survivability of America, let me say that I will post this series every Monday. Of course there will be other posts between but this subject will appear once a week. You can subscribe via RSS at the bottom of this post. Thank you for reading and may the Lord bless thee and keep thee. Now on to the post…

We keep hearing in the news that our government is getting bigger and bigger. Is it true? In 1900, 1 in 24 Americans worked for the federal government. Do you want to take a guess at how many the federal government employed last year (2009)? Are you sitting down? Almost 2 Million. Of course federal jobs do not pay very well, right? 19% of federal workers make more than $100,000 per year, and that is even before overtime and bonuses. The average federal workers pay is $71,206 per year (Dennis Cauchon-USA

We have talked a little about Social Security, now we have mentioned federal over pay. More reasons why the United States is getting deeper into debt. I recently took a class called “Quantitative Approaches to Managerial Decision Making”. That is a glorified name for accounting. In that class we looked at the national debt as it goes higher and higher, minute by minute. Today it is at about $14 Trillion. But wait! It is even worse than that.

Charles Goyette, author of The Dollar Meltdown, said this, “The dollar is not really just $12 Trillion” (at the time). If you have paid into Social Security for a lifetime and you believe your promised benefits are a debt of the government; if you believe the government should make good on promises of health care to veterans ; if your bank has been paying insurance premiums to the FDIC and you expect that in the event of a run on the banks, loss coverage is a debt of the government; if you believe government “guarantees”, tossed around like confetti lately, are real promises upon which institutions and individuals should rely; then you will agree the government’s debt is much larger than the $12Trillion on the promises the government has made. The bulk of the iceberg is below the waterline, the visible national debt is just a fraction of our government’s liabilities.” (Charles Goyette-he Dollar Meltdown).

In other words, far more than what we see on the surface as debt must be added to the bottom line in order to get a real feel for where we are financially as a nation. For example, the current unfunded liability for Medicare part A is $36.7 trillion. For part B it is $37 trillion. And for part D it is $15.6 trillion. So the total liability for Medicare parts A, B, and D is $89.3 trillion.

Add the unfunded liability of Medicare to the unfunded liability of Social Security and we get $106.8 trillion. Add that to our national debt of $14 trillion and the bottom line totals $120.8 trillion!

How do we get out of this mess? How do we pay this off? How do we come out on top? How do we keep from going belly up as a nation?

I do not wish to be a prophet of gloom and doom but the obvious answer is…we don’t.

“Oh, Bro. Kyle!!! How can you be so negative and unpatriotic?” I am neither. I am realistic according to the things the Lord has shown me and, as far as patriotism goes, I am a very proud 21 year retired veteran, but I must tell you the truth; this is not the same nation it was only a few years ago. I know we all want to hang on to the American dream, the American way of life, liberty, and justice but those days a quickly passing us by. No nation, no matter how rich and powerful they may have been at one time, has ever lasted forever. The United States of America will not last forever either. It will come to an end and our government is spending us into, not only poverty but non-existence.

I realize that sounds harsh. I also realize that many, wanting to hang on to the belief that our country is great and can overcome anything, will not agree with me. All I can say is, you better wake up and smell the coffee. The numbers do not lie. I may be a voice crying in the wilderness but I will cry out. I will cry out as long as God gives me breath. I will cry out to the lost they can be saved from Hell. I will cry out to the Church, “Wake Up!” for your redemption draweth nigh.

What does God have for you…just around the corner?

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