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Click HERE for a video from the Temple Mount Faithful.

Even though the 2,000-year-old dream of building the Third Temple was postponed, the desire and the obligation to build the Israeli house of God still lives. Several movements have been born as a result of the desire to “arise and build.” The Temple Mount Faithful movement was formed by Gershon Salomon. The Temple Mount Faithful attempted to place a cornerstone on the Temple Mount in 1990 for the beginning of the temple. A riot resulted, the police came, and before order was restored, seventeen had died. Since then, Gershon Salomon has not been allowed to visit the Temple Mount; nevertheless, each October, Salomon and his followers conduct a symbolic cornerstone laying in an attempt to remind the people of Israel that they are mandated by God to build His house. The Temple Institute overlooks the Western Wall Plaza and the Temple Mount itself. The Institute has dedicated itself to making the necessary preparations for the time when temple worship and daily sacrifices can be restored. At the present time, over 50% of the utensils and vessels needed for the temple ceremonies have been recreated–duplicating as closely as possible those utilized in the First and Second Temple eras. One of the prime activities of the Temple Institute is the training of young rabbis in the offering of sacrifices and the performing of temple services. According to one of the Temple Institute’s officials, the architectural drawings for the building of the Third Temple have been completed and in waiting for some time. Revelation reveals the Antichrist will put a stop to the Third Temple sacrifices. No one believed Israel would be reformed and no one believes a third temple is possible but the scriptures continue to be true and doubters exposed as scoffers.


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