Revival at Huron…the last entry

Revival services at Huron Baptist Church came to an end Wednesday night; I pray revival in their congregation will not.

What a time we had in the Lord that last night! Bro. Jason Russell, pastor of Central Grove Baptist Church, brought a group of young people and sang a couple of songs that did no less than absolutely bless everyone’s heart there.

Dr. Mike Thrower joined us last night. Dr. Thrower is the Director of Missions for the Beech River Baptist Association in Henderson County. We were blessed to have Dr. Thrower lead us in our dismissal prayer, even though no one actually wanted to leave 🙂

Bro. Jeff Willis played “It is well” on his trumpet and I thought we may just rapture out of there! I must say Bro. Jeff and his wife Carla,on the piano, did an amazing job at every service. Jeff sang a variety of types of Christian music from southern gospel to contemporary and it was ALL good! We really worshiped the Lord in music and song. If you would like to have Bro. Jeff come lead music at your revival, he can be reached at

I would ask you to start praying now for the upcoming revival at Eagle Creek Baptist Church in Holladay Tennessee.


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