Our Son the Youth Minister

I don’t like to put out two posts in one day but this is VERY important. Our son Jayd, has taken a voluntary Youth Minister position at a church where he is in Texas. He has been very happy where he is at Rocky Point Baptist Church but the Lord presented this opportunity and he feels led to take it on.

PLEASE pray for Jayd in this ministry. Anyone who has never been directly involved in the ministry cannot begin to understand how desperately vital it is to rely on the Lord for strength, wisdom, longsuffering, guidance, humility, and about a million other qualities that can only be supplied by God.

Thank you for your prayers.

What does God have for Jayd just around the corner?

p.s. if you thought bareback riding was rough, wait until you have to deal with youth! Ha!


2 thoughts on “Our Son the Youth Minister

  1. It hasn’t been all that long since he has been a youth, so he should know all the tricks.:) God bless him and his work. I know he will be great because he will follow the Lord’s direction. Give him my love. Peggy


    1. I can’t believe he is 20 years old. He is really growing in the Lord (now that he is away from momma and daddy!). Thank you for your prayers, love, and encouragement.
      What does God have for us…just around the corner!!!:)


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