Home from the Bi-Vo Retreat

We had a great time at the Bi-vocational retreat! We would like to thank Wayne Rhodes for taking care of our version of Noah’s Ark (feeding the horse and cats). We’d like to thank Nelda for sharing him (he even went on Sunday).

We heard many different kinds of messages at the retreat from spiritual to physical. It was all about the condition of the heart, again, both spiritual and physical.

The recurring thought brought to my mind was for believers and the lost.

For believers: PRAY. Pray hard, pray long, pray quietly, pray loudly, pray from the heart, CRY OUT TO GOD.  Cry out for your family, friends, co-workers, brothers and sisters in Christ, your Church, your Pastor, his wife and family, pray, pray, pray without ceasing!

For the lost: Repent! Fall on your face and accept Christ as your Saviour! Make Him the Lord of your life before it’s eternally too late! Give your life, give your heart, give your focus to Him! He is the greatest joy you will ever know! It is what you were created for; to fellowship with Him. It doesn’t get any better!

What does God have for you just around the corner?


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