A New Year of Excitment!


I used to have a little saying back at Middlefork, “I can’t wait to see what God has for us just around the corner!”

I still have the saying and I still can’t wait. God can see what is around the next corner, indeed He can see whats all the say down the road for us. He has wonderful things in store for His children, each of us. Yes, we may have to endure some hardships on the way but even those are for our own good. They grow us, strengthen us, and draw us closer to Him, teaching us all the more to trust Him in and with every area of our lives.

What does your Heavenly Father have for you just around the corner this year? Are you excited about it? Are you looking toward it with great anticipation? I am here to tell you (as I bounce while I am typing it) that God has wonderful things in store for each of us. God is good! You are a child of God! He is ever closer to returning! I AM EXCITED!

Lord bless you today!


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