I Heard it Through the Grape Vine!

O.k., now that you have that tune stuck in your head I’ll tell you it has nothing to do with the old song, sorry.

Bro. Wayne Rhodes shared something with me very interesting and I felt led to share it with all of you…

As I was reading your post ” Herein is God  Glorified” these scriptures came to me. Your post is about bearing  fruit. As you know, Israel is compared to the vine tree many times in  scripture. Here in the 15th chapter of Ezekiel, God uses the grape vine to  illustrate the point of bearing fruit, or not.

This chapter illustrates my own experience with  grape vines. The wood of a grape vine is very unusal compared to other  woody plants in that the wood of a grape vine is very weak and brittle, you  can’t use the wood for anything that requires strength, or to do work like build  anything with it. The only practical use I have seen for grape vines is to  make decorations, like wreaths, with it. So what good is the the grape  vine anyway? Answer: It bears dellicious fruit that is also very  healthy for us, if it does not bear fruit, it is pretty much useless!

Amen, Bro. Wayne. May we strive to bear fruit for Jesus today!Grapes


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