I Do Hope that You are Prayed Up

It is hapenning…

One would expect the President of the United States to stand firm against America’s enemies and support its allies.

President Obama Getting Ready to Ambush IsraelToday however, President Obama used the forum of the United Nations to abandon Israel and embrace the unfounded demands of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

President Obama became the first US President to refer to the territories that Israel won in the (defensive) Six Day War as, “Occupied Territory.” This implies that Israel must retreat from its own land, return to indefensible ’67 borders, divide Jerusalem, and capitulate to Palestinian forces bent on destroying Israel.

With Iran on the very threshold of developing nuclear weapons, I do not believe that Israel will allow that to happen. With or without the United States help, Israel will take measures to stop Iran from reaching this goal.

I have but one thing to say…Come Lord Jesus!


3 thoughts on “I Do Hope that You are Prayed Up

  1. Thanks for the comments on my blog. I thought I might return the favor. I will admit, all this I have seen lately about Obama makes me kinda glad I live in another country right now. As we would say down there in the South- he scares the heck outta’ me!! On another note, I will be praying for you as you share God’s Word with the various churches and especially your “new” fellowship. We all love and miss you all!


  2. How much of the chaos will He have us endure before He does take us out? That man (Obama) scares me more every day he goes anywhere, signs something, or says something. I’m more afraid of what he DOESN’T say than what he does. Yes, indeed. Lord, Come quickly! Peggy


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