Inheritance Baptist Fellowship

Praise the Lord! We had what may have been the very first meeting of inheritance Baptist Fellowship this past Sunday morning. We worshipped, had a Word from the Lord, some sharing, and some prayer. We are praying this week about God’s will and direction. We are meeting again next week to share with one another what God has shown us this week and ask that you, dear reader, be in prayer or us.

Our desire is that our own wants and wishes will not be involved but that God’s will be done. God is laying on our hearts to begin meeting as a New Testament Church in the truest sense of the word as much as is possible for us to do. We are certainly going to strive to do that.

I stated Sunday morning that we would not be a Church of programs but a Church of prayer. We will not be a group of people who will come together simply as a social gathering but a group of believers coming together for the soul purpose of worshipping our Saviour. We humble ourselves and ask that we be moved out of the way and the Holy Spirit be in charge.

Pray for us in Jesus name.

Lord bless you today.


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