Get Your Calculator Out

Jehovah JirehBy a show of hands (trust me…I see you) who remembers the post from the other day about my mower breaking down?

To refresh your memory, the front axle broke and I was trusting God for the finances to repair it. If you don’t remember, go back and look, you’ll understand more about whats going on here.

I prayed that the Lord would just provide for the repairing of that mower (you have to understand also how much trouble we have had with this mower. Something is always going wrong!). I told the Lord I trust Him, I believe His Word.

Then He laid a post on my heart about faith (Please tell me you remember that one…it was the last one posted).

Lo and behold, I had a service I performed and was paid $75 for it.

Get your calculator out (this is mathematically difficult). The axle was $58. I had to have a wrench I didn’t already have, it was $15. Add it up…$73.

But wait! Theres more!

Those of you who live here in West Tennessee know that the weather this year has been mild and the grass has been growing like crazy! I have had to mow, all summer long, every week. Since the mower broke down, we have had no rain and the grass has barely grown at all.

You may think that is nothing…I think I’ll praise the Lord.

Lord bless you today.


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