Herein is God Glorified

Church_steepleIn John 15, the Lord tells us to abide in Him. He says that if we abide in Him we will bring forth fruit. He also says that it is in the bearing of fruit that the Father is glorified. John 15:8, Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.

Many times I think we tend to believe that if we are faithful to church we glorify our Father. Sometimes we believe that if we don’t smoke, cuss, chew or date girls that do, we are glorifying our Father.

Certainly these are good things but the joy of His salvation shouldn’t be reduced to a list of rules; of dos and don’ts. It is a joy to abide in Him! It is a joy to do His will and in that, He says we WILL bring forth fruit.

That begs the question: what is fruit? Picture a fruit tree (the kind is your choice). Picture it with and then without fruit. Without, we are just sucking up nutrients and not producing anything. Fruit is growth. Fruit is maturing. Fruit is multiplication.

I think we need to examine ourselves and ask some questions: Am I growing spiritually; am I growing in my faith? (We will know the answer to this by our level of interest in the Word of God, our interest in prayer, our level of love and concern for others. In other words, is there a daily urge toward these things and are we actively seeking to do God’s will? Is it an everyday priority in our lives?)

Am I maturing in my faith? (Again, am I learning? Am I better today than I was yesterday? Am I more cynical or do I have more love and longsuffering toward people? Do I really trust God more today than in the past?)

Am I multiplying for the Kingdom? (Am I sharing my faith? Am I telling people about the exciting things God has done and is doing in my life? Am I leading people to Christ? Have a led anyone to Christ, say in the last week, month, 6 months, or a year?)

If we are saved, we ought to be excited about it and telling people where we came from, where Jesus has brought us to, and how good Jesus is! THIS is abiding in Him.

Lord bless you today.


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