Poll Results

Poll: Fine the Way It is
Poll: Fine the Way It is

The poll results are in! Thank you so much to everyone who voted. My prayer is that something comes out on this blog that will help someone, cause them to stop and think, encourage them in some way, or that you see something that just excites you about Jesus.

The overwhelming results of the poll were “fine the way it is”.

Barring work and school problems, I will try to put something out every other day, as I seek the Lord to lay things on my heart.

Take this with you and consider how church should really be when you read it, give it some thought.

Proverbs 22:28, Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.

How far have we gotten away from how church really should be? Have we replaced prayer with programs? Have we replaced worship (in spirit and truth) with light shows and concerts? Have we replaced preaching the Word with warm and fuzzy stories? Have we replaced loving one another with shallow “how ya doin”‘s? Have we replaced helping one another with simply writing a check and not getting involved?

Please understand, I am not asking this out of a cynical heart, I am asking it humbly and sincerely. May we each (myself included) examine our own hearts and humble ourselves before God, asking Him to take us back to the old landmark.

Lord Bless.

p.s. a very interesting link…http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/132670